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Our aims:

- Act as a catalyst for change
- Develop and field-test approaches with exceptional potential
- Carry out medium-term work that will bring long-term benefits
- Attract long-term support to respond to the real needs of the people it assists
- Achieve wider impact through sharing of information on successful initiatives and good practice.

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Transforming Lives in Remote Rural Areas

Established in 1997, Transrural Trust is a registered charity that assists women in disadvantaged rural areas to transform their natural resources, traditions and skills into profitable and sustainable enterprises. Transrural Trust also explores and promotes wiser approaches to channelling aid for international development in order to foster self-reliance, reduce poverty and lessen dependency.


Egg Fest – Drop In
Sunday 25 March 2018, 10am -4pm

Drop in to the barn at Stonehouse, Vicarage Road, Potten End, Berkhamsted HP4 2QZ to see a unique display of blown duck and goose eggs, hand-decorated by Romanian village women. Women's groups have been formed and trained to enhance the quality of their longstanding traditional art, and the craftswomen have been paid a fair price for their creative endeavours. No obligation to buy, but prices are very reasonable. A bowl of eggs on the table at Easter looks fantastic, and these are calorie-free!

And…exquisite scarves, shawls, oven gloves and exfoliators, hand-made from Giant Himalayan Nettle fibre by Nepalese hill tribe women. This is part of a community project that delivers electricity from local rivers, clean water, smokeless stoves, and fruits and vegetables grown in low-cost bamboo-framed greenhouses. Project images on display.